Hyper – it’s a nice little app…but

Hyper’s web page

Hyper is a nice little app. It provides you with a stream of human curated content which you can either view straight away or watch later – by saving.

It has one major problem. That you can’t synchronise across your devices. So if you’re fortunate enough to have multiple devices, you have to choose which ones you’re going to use the most and do your saving of videos on that.

Hopefully they’ll add synchronisation at some point in the near future.


The pondering (worshipping) minstrel…

This was my alternative title: The new evangelism, or perhaps the old evangelism?

The great com-mission - Is that the reason we were made - just to spread God’s word - and if so, do we just read the Bible to people wherever we go? Is that all we need to do?

I don’t think that’s the answer.

We were made because God loved us before he made us (“I have loved you with an everlasting love” (Jeremiah 31:3)), and still loves us today.

We were also made in order that we could love him back – he didn’t/doesn’t NEED us, but because of his great love he created us. (“When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers … what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?” (Psalm 8:3-4).)

Not only that, but we were also made to do works for God – we are part of his master plan – the great com-mission – working on a mission alongside him. (“We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10).)

In years gone by, this “missionary” work has involved hellfire and brimstone, engendering people to be God fearing. This has led us, the Church, and abusers of the Church (e.g Nazi’s, crusades, slavery and apartheid) into some very dark things, and has given the Church – the bride of Christ – a bad name in some people’s and group’s eyes.


And now, in the secular world, things have also changed – culture, wariness, knowledge. People are no longer swayed by fear of God – if they don’t believe in any God, why would they?

The more I see evidence of God working through people, or manifesting himself through the Holy Spirit within times of worship, the more I see how people were originally convinced that there is a God, and looking in the Bible, there are so many pointers to show this is how God always intended us to do this.

2 Kings 3:15Amplified Bible (AMP)

15 But now bring me a musician.” And it came about while the musician played, that the hand (power) of the Lord came upon Elisha.

The musician was brought in to help Elisha, by ushering in the Holy Spirit and making it an atmosphere conducive to hearing the Lord.

King David was another example of a musician brought in to make a peaceful atmosphere, when he was called to play for King Saul and help him calm so he could rest.

keep calm and listen to music
keep calm and listen to music

The thing is – people are turned off now by street-side preaching, and pamphlets – I know I am, and I’m on their side! They are seen in the same light as “chuggers” – the Charity Muggers who stop you in the middle of the street and ask if you are having a good day, but really want you to commit to giving £x per month to Oxfam (TM) or similar (not that that isn’t something you should do – they are a very worthy cause!)

Repent and sin no more
Repent and sin no more

This isn’t the way to help God reach people now though. It just doesn’t work, and it feels wrong.

I hear so often now, people are curious when seeing others worshipping God. “Why would they be doing that?”, “What are they doing?” “Why are they so happy? – I want to be a part of that!”

People are curious about dreams, feelings, spiritual and supernatural events that have happened to them, or others, that they can’t explain. We have people within the Church (at large) that have dream interpretation skills, or can help explain spiritual events or occurrences.

Music is an art that really touches the soul.

Look at Britain’s Got Talent this year! At least two of the acts in the final were commented upon as being “mesmerising” but the one I found most interesting was the “100 voices of Gospel”.

100 voices of Gospel
100 voices of Gospel

(You can view all of their BGT performances here: http://www.itv.com/britainsgottalent/100-voices-of-gospel

At their initial audition…

Viewing them, you see the wows on people’s faces, the smiles, the brightening up of the whole crowd. Ant and Dec a few seconds into the dancers appearing on stage “I like this already”. Alesha gave them the Golden Buzzer. Simon wanted to do it too! Alesha on returning from the stage after initially congratulating them said “I feel elated”. Amanda “I felt so happy, I couldn’t get it out of me quick enough”. David Walliams “I just feel on an incredible high”. Alesha then said “There are no words I can use to describe the feeling you gave everyone in this room. It is so powerful, everything about you, everything you represent is my idea of heaven.

At the second audition…

David Walliams, although I’m not sure he fully meant it, said “Alleluia praise the Lord”, Alesha – “Whenever you’re singing, you make people want to be a part of it”, Amanda, “You’ve come together because of your faith, and I think that’s how faith should be celebrated – in a joyful, uplifting, amazing way…”

When we are in heaven, and we are worshiping God, it will be just the same as watching and or being part of the 100 voices of Gospel. As Simon Cowell put it, “If ever I could define what happiness feels like, it’s watching you guys” – we will be worshipping God, and we will just feel so happy about doing it we won’t want to stop.

So, I think we need to go back to basics. We need to be seen worshipping God, we need to be ready to answer questions IF they come, but we should never push the Gospel down people’s throats, make them feel ashamed or guilty.
We just need to share our joy in the Lord, and people will see God through us, and get to know him through how we live and extol our love for God and each other.
let your light shine
let your light shine

Worship -> Testimony/Word->Ministry

“They also recognised them as men who had been with Jesus” - Acts 4:!3
For they recognised them as men who had been with Jesus
For they recognised them as men who had been with Jesus

#100daychallenge Day 9 #12songchallenge

#100daychallenge Day 9

Funnily enough, although the previous 2 days have been quite disappointing from a “creativity” point of view, today has really made up for it!

Did a little DIY, prepared for band practice and chose songs for the 6.

In choosing the song for the 6, I ended up putting new chords to “O soul are you wearied and troubled” – it seemed to go down well with the band!

Also, I managed to get notes and chords down for the 2nd of the #12songchallenge, month 1 – Hooray!

#100daychallenge – Day 2

I’ve just installed #dayone. I’m going to use this to capture my outputs for the #100daychallenge, which I started on 31st December with my little acapella video, and I’ll use that for January 1st’s creative challenge.

Today is the start of the blog of it which I’m using to capture the creative challenge outputs.

Some I will publish to my blog, when I’ve worked out how!

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